Board of Trustees Meeting updates, Friday, Feb. 6, 2009

Updates from the first day of UVM’s Board of Trustees meeting. More updates will be added as events occur. For more information, check out the Board’s of Trustees Web site here.

2:40 – Board of Trustees endorsed the conversion of Mcauley Hall into dorms.

12:14 – Annie Stevens: “We would be moving Delehanty Deck to Mcauley …”

12:12 – Richard Cate about the quality of our meal-plans: We’re at the back of the pack and we’re hungry.”

12:10 – Dan Fogel: “Once we get the right formula [to appeal to prospective students], we need to say it over and over.”

12:03 – Robert Cioffi: “The marketplace sees us as an expensive alternative.”

12:01 – Bill Ruprecht: “At what cost do we achieve excellence?”

11:48 – Peer Assessment begins

10:14 — Fogel announced that Howard Dean will be the new commencement speaker.

10:08 — Deborah McAneny questioned the separation of the funding priority list and the opportunistic project list. “We still need to keep it all on the same priority list.”

9:44 — John Hughes, regarding the addition of 300 students next year: “We need beds for approximately half of them.”

9:31 — Item 11, acceptance of gifts and grants report passed.

9:23 — John Smith: [“The decision to outsource internal audits] is not simply a matter of cost”

9:11 — James Leddy: “PeopleSoft has been ‘People-Hard’”

9:07 — Richard Cate: “PeopleSoft is only a tool … but the accountability has to be there.”

8:42 — Robyn Warhol-Down: “In 26 years at UVM, I have seen the faculty this riled up only two times, once just before the end of George Davis’ presidency and once just before the end of Tom Salmon’s. I speak for the Executive Council of the Senate when I say we strongly support Dan Fogel’s presidency and we would not want to see it end for many years to come.”

8:40 — Robyn Warhol-Down: “The three minutes that the President of the Faculty Senate is allotted on the agenda are not enough time to convey the anxiety, dismay, anguish, and outrage that many faculty are expressing.”

8:36 — Dan Fogel: “In closing, I say this: we cannot allow our fear of change, which will occur whether we respond passively or actively- to incapacitate or divide us at this critical time. We must have confidence in our strength.”

8:26 — Dan Fogel: “We will defer action on most of the recommended layoffs.”

8:15 — Ian Boyce in opening address: “Opportunities are born in times like this.”


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