Details of UVM cuts to be released soon

According to a communication from the President’s office to the UVM Faculty Senate and UVM faculty prior to Dec. 15, 2008, Feb. 18 is when the preliminary details of the cuts on the FY2010 budget are expected to be firmed-up:

Feb. 9-12 — Ad Hoc Budget Advisory Group meeting

Feb. 18 — Budget Plan back to the Units. Joint meeting of Deans and Vice Presidents

United Academics, the faculty union at UVM, is planning on holding a forum about the cuts on the same day, as well as one Friday, Feb. 13.

From the United Academics Web site:

United Academics United Academics is teaming up with the Faculty Senate to host a series of fora to give faculty a formal venue in which to express concerns and questions about the budget and about restructuring. This is your chance to share your perspective with your fellow faculty and with the administration (who will, in the words of Faculty Senate President Robyn Warhol-Down: “be there to listen, but not to speak.”) The Fora will be held from 4-5:30pm: on Friday Feb. 13th at the Ira Allen Chapel; on Wednesday February 18th at the Silver Maple Ballroom in the Davis Center; and on Monday February 23rd in Waterman Building’s Memorial Lounge.


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